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Some CIC graduants during a CHRM graduation ceremony
Pan Africa Skills Director with some CIC graduants during CHRM graduation
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC presenting a Diploma to a CIC member in Nairobi
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC with the Directors of Pan Africa Skills
Pan Africa Director (m) presenting an award during CHRM graduation

A Program to help marketers and managers understand how to achieve global competitiveness through the design and implementation of internationally market-responsive programmes.

The study and practice of global marketing management has developed from a traditional ‘export trade’ focus towards a more strategic and global approach. This Program considers large multinational enterprises which use the advantages of
economies of scale to introduce world-standardised products, and the less costly and less bureaucratic small and middle-sized companies which are quicker to adapt in expanding and international market. The Program gives a decision-oriented and action oriented approach to global marketing.

This Program takes the perspective of companies competing in international markets, and provides a framework for the development and implementation of international marketing programmes, to help in the analysis, selection and evaluation of appropriate approaches to the main management decisions of the international marketing process.


Course Outline Summary

Module 1 - Global Marketing in the Firm

Module 2 - Inititation of Internationalisation

Module 3 - Political and Economic Environment

Module 4 - Socio-cultural Environment

Module 5 - Market Selection and Market Entry Alternatives - Exporting

Module 6 - Production Abroad and Strategic Alliances

Module 7 - Global Competition and Strategy

Module 8 - Global Logistics and Channel Decisions

Module 9 - Organization and Control of the Global Marketing Programme


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