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Some CIC graduants during a CHRM graduation ceremony
Pan Africa Skills Director with some CIC graduants during CHRM graduation
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC presenting a Diploma to a CIC member in Nairobi
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC with the Directors of Pan Africa Skills
Pan Africa Director (m) presenting an award during CHRM graduation

A Program which sets out the theoretical, analytical and practical aspects, and give a full insight into the purposes, roles and features of money, banks, banking, financial systems and markets, and their function and importance in financial and economic activity.

The Program uses many illustrations and examples and uses many extracts from the Financial Times and other sources to motivate and to explain the subjects. The Program considers both traditional issues of monetary policy and the independence of central banks, and also the more recent issues such as the transparency with which central banks conduct monetary policy.

The Program comprehensively covers the roles of financial systems and introduces financial institutions; it looks at interest rates and asset valuation, money supply and demand, and monetary policy and the main types of financial markets. It is written to meet the needs of those requiring good grounding in financial economics theory, combined with institutional and policy matters affecting the world today.


Course Outline Summary

Module 1 - The Role of a Financial System

Module 2 - Financial Institutions and Systems

Module 3 - The UK Financial System

Module 4 - The US Financial System

Module 5 - Portfolio Theory

Module 6 - Determination of Short-term Interest Rates

Module 7 - The Structure of Interest Rates

Module 8 - The Valuation of Assets

Module 9 - Banks and the Supply of Money

Module 10 - The Demand for Money

Module 11 - Monetary Policy

Module 12 - Money Markets

Module 13 - Bond Markets

Module 14 - Equity Markets

Module 15 - Foreign Exchange Markets

Module 16 - Derivatives - the financial futures markets

Module 17 - Options, swaps and other derivatives

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