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The Professional Sales Techniques® is a sales training program designed to develop sales professionals from scratch and equips them with essential skills and knowledge required to effectively discharge selling functions with ruthless success. It is a 5 day intensive workshop.

The program installs a common sales methodology and sales culture throughout an organization. We take attendees through a process that enables them to appreciate the sales profession as any other profession and therefore stick in it and grow. We also train them do develop personal and psychological attributes to be able to succeed in the sales profession without which success becomes hard hence high turnovers of the so called sales personnel. We believe that success selling must be well grounded on strong foundations which we lay during the training.

The Professional Sales Techniques® program teaches everything needed to become proficient in the process of selling. In turn this will give them:

  • Self-confidence – they’ll be confident enough to convince even the most reluctant prospect that they need the products they are selling. And, as their sales increase, so will their sense of achievement.
  • Increased efficiency – as they become more familiar with the sales process they’ll become better at organizing their time, fitting in more appointments and closing more sales.

By end of the program the attendees would have effectively learned about:

  • The importance of selling in the modern commercial world
  • Selling different types of products
  • The importance of the sub-conscious mind
  • Adopting the right mental attitude
  • Personal motivation and its implication on their success
  • Qualities needed to be a successful sales person and how to develop them
  • Product knowledge and how it can affect their attitude
  • Finding prospects and leads
  • Organising themselves and planning their territory
  • The approach, the sales talk and the close
  • Asking the right questions
  • How to build an effective sales point sequence
  • Using visual aids and demonstrating and creating desire for the products they handle
  • Business Organization and why need to know about it
  • The art of communication – both verbal and written
  • Telesales Techniques

And therefore be very effectively equipped to face the market with confidence!

Course Contents

Module 1 – Introduction

The modern concept of selling – types of sales duties – selling staples – speciality selling – goods and services – different sales duties – methods of distribution – branding – adopting the right mental attitude – the subconscious mind – product knowledge and how it can affect your attitude – personal motivation – the right personal qualities – physical factors – making an impression on yourself and others – summary.

Module 2 – Sales Techniques (I)

Prospect finding – leads – further sources of prospects – planning properly – time is capital – territory planning – using the telephone to get the sales interview – see the right man – pre-approach – getting the information – the approach – obtaining the interview – meeting the prospect – starting the interview – the cushion – the opening statement – handling a variety of products – summary.

Module 3 – Sales Techniques (II)

Psychology – the sales point sequence – buying motives and buying resistances – features and benefits – creating desire – one point at a time – open communication – using questions to communicate – voice, smile and gestures in the sales talk – stating the price – justifying price – visual aids and demonstrations – demonstration technique – putting it into practice – summary.

Module 4 – Closing the Sale

Dealing with objections and interruptions – competition – the close – the right time to close – trial balloons – confidence building – types of close – the automatic close – the objection close – the alternative close – the conditional close – ‘free trial’ close – use of testimonials – confidence – making it easy – avoiding awkward silences – first or second interview? – ending the first interview – closing on the second interview – delaying tactics – how to handle complaints – summary.

Module 5 – Organization for Selling

Greater confidence with customers – business units – sole-proprietor business – business partnerships-partnership ‘firms’ – limited liability companies – private companies – public companies – the board of directors – the cooperative society – state and municipal undertakings – associations – capital – company assets – company liabilities – conglomerates – voluntary associations – why you should know about business units – departments – functions of departments within a company – the law of agency – summary

Module 6 – Spoken Communication

Getting your message across – relax – your voice – speed – accent and dialect – vocabulary – the art of conversation – body language – be a good listener – communication on the telephone – telesales – meetings – talking to groups/giving a presentation – visual aids – summary.

Module 7 – Written Communication

Letters – content – planning and focus – checking your work – letters answering complaints – sales letters – e-mail communications – orders – note taking – record keeping and paperwork – customer and prospect records – reports – oral reports – use of sales literature – catalogues – the product manual – house magazines – paperwork – summary.

Supplement: Telesales Techniques – 42 tips!