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Some CIC graduants during a CHRM graduation ceremony
Pan Africa Skills Director with some CIC graduants during CHRM graduation
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC presenting a Diploma to a CIC member in Nairobi
David Lawson-Director of Studies CIC with the Directors of Pan Africa Skills
Pan Africa Director (m) presenting an award during CHRM graduation

A managerial approach to organisational design and behaviour concerned with organisational structure and operation, the process of management and the behaviour of people at work.

The Program uses objective analysis of organisations to search for the most appropriate ways of improving organisational performance and effectiveness. It considers the need to establish a framework of order and system of command by which the work of the organisation is undertaken, and outlines the attention needing to be given to key principles and the consideration of structure.

This Program covers of a range of areas related to management, organizational behaviour, organisational setting and organisation structures, including the essential nature of managerial work, the context in which the activity of management takes place, the manner in which responsibilities for and duties of management are exercised, the process of management and execution of work. It considers the need for organizational effectiveness and the importance of the role of management as an integrating activity.


Course Contents

Module 1 - The Context of Management and Organizational Behaviour

Module 2 - The Nature of Organisational Behaviour

Module 3 - Approaches to Organisation and Management

Module 4 - The Nature of Organisations

Module 5 - Organisational Goals

Module 6 - Organisational Strategy and Responsibilities

Module 7 - Organisation Structure and Design

Module 8 - Patterns of Structure and Work Organisation

Module 9 - Technology and Organisations


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