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This is an ideal programme for current mangers, supervisors, business owners and employees with an HR and/or Health & Safety role - and anybody wishing to become one of the foregoing. Focusing on becoming an excellent manager, it also covers the vital area of health and safety, and various legal obligations of organisations to employees, staff and others.

This Programme explains about modern management and administration - how to plan, coordinate, control, motivate and lead - and how to understand and control the practical, theoretical and legal aspects of health and safety management. It explains the functions, roles and responsibilities of managers and administrators, and about management and administration activities - and how to be a competent, well-informed and pro-active manger with a good understanding of legal and health & safety matters. The possession of an Honours Group Diploma demonstrates knowledge and ability and indicates that the holder has the competence, understanding and potential to become a successful senior manager, administrator or executive.

The Programme comprises four mandatory/compulsory ‘courses’:-

  • Workplace Management & Administration

  • Health & Safety in the Workplace

  • Commercial Practice & Law*

  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

(*includes principles of employee and labour law)

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