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Pan Africa Skills & Consulting Ltd in collaboration with leading global providers of professional and executive education offers YOU the OPPORTUNITY to Undertake Professional Study & Training whatever your current level of education and experience, and at the pace which best suits your circumstances.

The programs are designed to train you to rapidly secure top jobs, gain promotion, achieve career success, earn higher pay, improve your standard of living and respect and increase your skills, knowledge, ability and self-confidence by obtaining professional qualifications and certifications in various fields of Commerce and Business.

We are a National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) Approved Training Provider with Ref: NITA/TRN/1015.

Why Study with Us

Professional Qualifications

Our qualifications are skills based and not academic. They are designed to impart practical skills that are always sought by employers worldwide.

You can enroll and start

Your CIC Study and Training on ANY day or date of the year; there are no set semesters or terms or registration dates. You can enrol or register as soon as you are ready and able. To speed up the commencement of your Training, Module 1 of your chosen study and training is provided by our affiliate in your country the same day you enroll as you await the full course material to be dispatched and delivered to you by the affiliate.

You can study at the level which suits you

CIC has a wide range of Study Levels so that whatever your status or previous education, CIC has suitable training for you. The College’s and affiliate’s experienced team of consultants are always willing and able to advise you on what level of study and training will be best for you, and how you can proceed to higher levels if you wish to do so.

You receive full study guidance

To ensure your easy, rapid and enjoyable learning. You will be able to test and monitor your OWN progress with expertly planned questions, exercises and recommended answers. Additional expert CIC Tutorial Support is also available to you if needed.

You will be a 'Member' of CIC

Not simply a “student” or “trainee”. You will receive personal and individual attention. Most CIC Members are mature men and women with definite goals to fulfil. CIC understands and respects their goals. You can rely on CIC to help you to success and achieve your ambitions!

You will rapidly master CIC's study/training manuals

Even if your main or national language is not English. All Study Materials are written and produced by highly skilled and expert Writers, Tutors and Lecturers, supervised by CIC’s highly experienced Directors, to ensure your rapid progress.

You will study at your own pace and convenience

From home, at work or at leisure. You will NOT be delayed by slower learners or lecturers, or by fixed school terms, semesters or holidays. You study at the pace which best suits YOUR circumstances, and which will ensure YOUR success!

You will study in your own area

CIC Training is provided to Members in their own countries; so you will not need to travel to the College premises in Jersey, Britain. You can study wherever you work and live; and it does not matter if you move your location or your job.

Your employment

CIC Training is perfect if you are already employed. You do NOT need to give up work or take unpaid “study leave”, and you can actually put into practice at your workplace the knowledge you gain as you study. And if you are not in employment, CIC Training is YOUR rapid route to good jobs!

Your training period will be flexible

To suit YOU. For instance, Member’s have up to 12 months in which to complete a Diploma Program, but the time taken to complete is flexible. Some Members take a shorter period to complete a Program, others take longer. With CIC, YOUR circumstances and needs come first!


These are internationally recognized professional qualifications that for many years have been the qualifications of choice for many employers worldwide.

In Kenya the leading professional bodies e.g. Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, Marketing Society of Kenya, Institute of Human Resource Management and Kenya Institute of Management recognize the qualifications and holders of the respective qualifications are admitted to Membership of the respective body.. Read More


CIC Examinations are held are held at various Centres in the world including Kenya.

Currently Centres in Kenya are available in various parts of the country and are administered and invigilated by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).

Because these are British accredited qualifications, the examinations are also held at the British Council offices in Nairobi or anywhere in the world.

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