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A programme designed to equip you with the potential to become a senior manager, administrator or executive in business management, accounting and finance, in commercial and public organisations.

A very popular Programme which provide specialist knowledge of accounting and finance and advanced management and administration, as well a wide range of other important areas needed for career and managerial success. The possession of an Honours Group Diploma demonstrates knowledge and ability and indicates that the holder has the competence, understanding and potential to become a successful middle or senior manager, administrator or executive in his or her chosen study area of accounting, finance and business, and in general industry, management, business, public service and other career vocations.

The Programme comprises of four key ‘courses’; there are three (3) compulsory/mandatory courses of study and one (1) option/elective course of study, as follows:-


  • Accounting & Finance in Business & Management
  • Financial Management
  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

plus one**of:

  • Business Bookkeeping & Accounts


  • Cost Accounting

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