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Pan Africa Skills and Consulting in collaboration CIC provides a wide range of Professional Diploma Programs written to ensure Members’ development, progress, career success and career enhancement. Each Program deals comprehensively with the important topics, and with emphasis on the practical application of what is taught. These Diplomas are skills based and not academic. They are meant to impart the practical skills that are required to execute job functions and holders of these qualifications are highly sought by employers.

They are suitable qualifications for University Degree holders who do not possess professional qualifications, university and college students who require professional qualifications to support their degrees and those already in employment and require the qualifications in the functions they are involved in.

They are also suitable for school leavers who need a qualification to face the job market with confidence but going forward will align their further education to these qualifications as these are the professional qualifications.

Additionally, if after completing one or more Programs a Member wishes to continue on to further study, these Programs are the route to Honours, BA and Higher study and awards.

We offer the following International Diploma programmes:-